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1. View and upload videos are available only to registered users.
2. Video is divided into two main categories. All category is available for viewing and upload to all registered users. Category VIP is available only to pay for a subscription.
3. Uploading your videos in Section All you get a rating which rises from a user likes. So do not fill video porn site first got them because you can not raise my rating. Rating smile you can exchange for points which are paid subscription VIP.
4. You can also get points by uploading video in the Temp. After the moderation of each roller is charged 15 points. (To succeed fully loaded clip moderation must not have a watermark, except copyright uploaded by the author.)
When loading Temp select a category and visibility video "Only me"
5. To pay for a subscription via PAYPAL, follow this link. Choose your preferred interface language and click the registration button. On the opened page you can choose a subscription to access the VIP section of the site. After payment access will be open to you within two hours.
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